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Our Vision

We aspire to be the preferred choice among law firms, offering transparent communication and setting realistic expectations.

We acknowledge that victories are not guaranteed, and infallibility is rare. However, we will diligently scrutinise your case to determine its prospects and candidly inform you of our assessment.

Our commitment is to guide you through the most cost-effective and efficient path towards your goals.

At the core of our practice lies a dedication to nurturing lasting relationships, built on trust and satisfaction. We invite you to become a part of our valued clientele, where we collectively strive for optimal outcomes.

Our team represents the convergence of seasoned legal expertise, blending innovation with time-honoured principles. While our firm may be newly established, each team member brings their own loyal client base.

Renowned for our attentiveness to clients' unique circumstances, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch service, characterised by unwavering diligence and exceptional attention to detail.

Our specialisation spans diverse sectors, but our strength lies in collaboration. We offer competitive pricing because we believe in delivering value for your investment, aiming for growth alongside your business.

We have an unwavering desire to achieve success, understanding that the definition of victory varies from one client to another.

We firmly believe that our blend of legal acumen and hospitality-level service will exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Meet The Team


Mr. Reza Pashazadeh
Founding and Managing Partner

All areas of law within the firm.


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Reza has built a reputation as a robust litigator. He is meticulous in

his approach and aims to achieve the best result for his clients.


He specialises in both commercial and criminal litigation and has been the head of an immigration desk. He also deals with employment matters.  

Reza has represented numerous high-profile Individuals and companies. 


He trained and qualified at one of the London’s most reputable firms, before being head-hunted by commercial city firm, where he not only thrived but was promoted very swiftly. 


He was later headhunted by a London boutique practice. and employed as a Partner. 

In February 2022, Reza founded Midtown law to realise the vision he has always held for this sector and continue to grow his thriving practice. 

Specialist areas of law:

Civil and commercial Litigation

Criminal Litigation

Immigration Law

Employment Law

Email : 

Tel:      +44 78 36 36 36 32


Mr. Franco I-Pang Chung
Equity Partner

Civil and commercial litigation and employment law

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Franco is a solicitor, accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator and Police Station Representative. His main areas of practice are Dispute Resolutions, Litigations (commercial and civil), Possession Claims (residential and commercial properties) and Landlords and Tenants’ disputes.


As a dual-trained civil and criminal litigator, Franco has previously undertaken criminal defence, high value confiscation and cash seizure proceedings. Utilising his extensive knowledge of various areas of law, Franco has successfully argued family law in confiscation proceedings to ensure the pre-marital assets of the innocent spouse were excluded from the POCA proceedings.


Franco represents clients and advocates before the County Courts,  First-Tier and Upper Tribunals and has extensive experience in representing defendants against allegations of the most serious and violent crimes, including murder, and case manages complex and high value High Court and Crown Court cases.

Franco now focuses his wealth of experience on predominantly civil and commercial litigation matters and no longer practices in the field of crime due to his thriving reputation in commercial and civil litigation. 


Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Franco can also conduct cases in Mandarin, assisting clients from Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.  精通中文(國語/普通話)及英文,鐘律師是合法英國執業律師,可為您在移民、民事/商業訴訟及私人/公設刑事辯護上服務。


Prior to becoming a qualified solicitor, Franco was the managing director of an IT company for over 15 years before completing his legal trainings and graduated with a Commendation in PgDipLaw/CPE, a Merit in LLM (Legal Studies), a Distinction in LPC and a Distinction in MA (Law with Business).

Email : 

Tel:      020 3633 6330


Mr. Charles Frederick
Office Manager and Lead Caseworker

Criminal Law

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Charlie has been involved in criminal defence preparation for over thirty years. He has experience in all aspects of defence litigation

and is a fully accredited police station representative.


Charlie has prepared some of the most serious criminal cases, such

as the Damilola Taylor murder trial, Rafael Lopez murder trial & The

Benkins Lane murder trial. His reputation for a high standard of

service is well known within the industry.

He continues to thrive and make a name for himself in his specialist field. 

Midtown Law is truely lucky to have him on board

Email :

Tel:      +44 7407 626 905


Ms. Raheema Jamal
Solicitor - Crime Supervisor

Criminal Law

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Raheema is a highly experienced Criminal Solicitor and a Supervisor.


She has vast experience in all areas of criminal law and with our recent award of our legal aid contract, she is spearheading our expansion and vision to the future. 

She has and continues to defend clients at the police station, magistrates (youth and adult) and Crown Courts. She is very high costs case (VHCC) qualified and has defended large fraud cases including the HMRC, trading standards and the Serious Fraud Office. 

Midtown Law is delighted to have her on board. 

Email :

Tel:      +44 203 633 6330

The Glory of a Good Lawyer

Is to Win a Bad Trial.

( Balzac)

Value 01.


We wanted to work a different way. We wanted to show our client's how much they mean to us, that we will put in all of our legal expertise to try and help them out of whatever situation they find themselves in. 

The first strand of this is to be there when our client's need us. In a society where IT has taken over everyone's lives, we try and keep the traditional values of being attentive to our clients and listening to what they have to say. Whether we agree with them, is another matter, but we will definitely listen, advise in full and try and reach the best outcome for them. 

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