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05. Criminal Litigation

Litigation stress coupled with an outstanding allegation or Criminal proceedings magnifies the issue when ones liberty is at stake. We take a matter from police station all the way though to the Crown Court trial. 

We are very proud that we have now been authorised by the Legal Aid Agency to carry out legally aided work. We have been awarded the contract to start from the 1st October 2022. 

If you have a matter which falls within the scope of criminal legal aid, we are able to assist you in representing you at police stations, magistrates Courts and Crown Courts. 

You can contact us on our phone number on our contacts page, or if you have an emergency, on our 24 hours helpline, 078 36 36 36 32

Request a Price Quote

Where we can, we will provide a fixed fee. We also have our pricing list on the tab above. Where a fixed fee is not possible, or you have a unique case and want to get a general feel for the cost, drop us a line and we shall do our level best to give you a realistic price. 

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