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Motoring Offences
(Summary Only)

If you are charged with a motoring offence you may be charged and taken to Court. You may even be arrested and interviewed depending on the offence. We are able to offer you a fixed Fee for each stage of work required. If you matter is complex, we shall discuss fees with you and provide you with a quote beforehand. Prices are subject to the current rate of VAT at 20% if not shown.

Police Station Attendance if arrested - £500 Plus VAT

Any further interview at the Police Station - £250 plus VAT


If you are bailed or Released under investigation and we are to monitor the matter and remain in contact with the police and keep you updated as to progress - £500 Plus VAT 

If you are charged with a criminal offence - Not Guilty Plea

First appearance at the magistrates Court (London) - not guilty plea - £750 plus VAT. 

Summary Trial - £1500 plus VAT - 1 day trial length. 

If you plead guilty or are founds guilty - 

First appearance and sentence on the same day - £1000 Plus VAT

If found guilty after a trial or plead guilty but the sentence is adjourned to another date - £500 Plus VAT for the sentencing hearing.

All of the above include taking your instructions. 

It does not include any disbursements such as travel or experts fees. 

If you are found not guilty, you may be able to recover a proportion of your costs from central funds. i.e the crown prosecution service. 

Examples of offences


Drink Driving

Failing to provide a sample/specimen

Failing to provide information when requested to do so. In relation to a driver of a vehicle which has committed an offence

Leaving the scene of an accident

Driving without a license 

Driving without insurance

It does not include matters such as:

Death by Dangerous Driving

Driving without due care and attention

Dangerous driving

Theft of a motor Vehicle

The above lists are not exhaustive. 

People who have expertise in this area:

Reza Pashazadeh

Franco Chung

Charles Frederick

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