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Clients & Testimonials

"FTT Judge"

“Best written submissions I have seen, clear and concise, I wish other representatives could do the same...”

about Franco Chung

MHA London Ltd

"Relentless with exceptional attention to detail. Reza is an absolute Bulldog. He is someone you defintely want on your side" 

Private Prosecution Client

"Reza Pashazadeh and Charles Frederick from X represented X and myself in a recent private prosecution and successfully managed to get the CPS to throw the case out. They helped me get legal aid, kept me informed at every stage and achieved the best result possible. I fully recommend this company and will definitely use them in future, if the need arises."

Daneil Darnbrough

Lamb Building Chambers

"from teh bottom to the top Midtown Law has teh experience and quality to provide any defendant needs from police station to the door of the Crown Court"

Criminal Litigation Client

"Reza Pashazadeh from X represented X in a recent untrue allegation. He was amazing with proffesonal advice. He dealt with the matter in the best possible way and I got an outcome expected. I'd definitely recommend him."

Anwar Ramzan

"An exceptional pool of talent".

Gabrielle Compton

"If i ever needed a lawyer, i would instruct this firm. The mind of a lawyer who conducts more than one area of litigation gives them a unique and refreshing approach".

Tahir Khan QC2
Kings Bench Walk Chambers

"I am one of Her Majesty’s Counsel and a Crown Court Recorder and am providing this testimonial about Mr Reza Pashazadeh, who is the Managing Partner of Midtown Law. We have known each other for a number of years. I am aware that Reza has an expertise in civil litigation and is highly regarded in that field. In addition,  Reza has instructed me in two high profile and complex murder trials, the first of which we did at St Albans Crown Court, which involved representing a 16 year old boy charged with a gangland murder together with a number of co-defendants. The second case we worked on together was a murder trial heard at the Central Criminal Court involving five young men charged with a knife murder. Both of these cases required expert preparation and presentation and I commend Reza and his firm for the excellent work they did in representing their clients to such a high a standard that I feel compelled to provide this testament to their professionalism. No stone as left unturned and as leading counsel, I had all the assistance that I needed to undertake my duty to my lay client. I wish the firm well in this new venture".

Bernard Richmond QC

"I wish Reza and his team every success. It is aways a pleasure to work with committed, client focused colleagues and I very much look forward to continuing our relationship".


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