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Our Fees 

We will always try and give you a guide as to the overall cost of your case and keep you updated as the case progresses so that you don't have are't any unexpected surpirses. 

Where we can, we will agree a fixed cost for your case. If we are unable to do so, we will charge our hourly rates. 

Where we can, we will recover costs from the other side. This will usually be when we 'win" a case. In some cases, such as small claims, it is not possible to recover costs from the other side and you will have to bear your own legal fees.


When we are able to recover costs, it depends on what the Court awards, which is usually not the whole amount of your legal fees.  


Free Initial Consultation

We do not charge for an initial consultation of 20 minutes. We do not provide you with legal advice during this consultation but we can help map out the potential options available to you. 

Our Hourly Rates

Managing Partner

£ 450 plus VAT

(£540 Inc VAT)


£325 plus VAT

(£390 Inc VAT)


£225 plus VAT

(270 Inc VAT)

Legal Assitants

£150 plus VAT

(£180 Inc VAT)



We no longer undertake Immigration work

Debt Recovery

If your case is straight forward, we offer the the fixed fees on the link below. If your matter is complex, then we will endevour to provide you with a fixed fee quote and at the very least we will give you a good indication of likely costs

Employment Tribunals

We represent both employers and employees in various issues they face. If you find yourself having been dismissed unfairly or wrongfully, or you are accused of such matters, click on the link below to see our prices. 

Motoring Offences (summary only)

if you are charged with a motoring offence you may be charged and taken to Court. You may even be arrested and interviewed depending on the offence. We will charge you a fixed Fee for each stage of work required

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